Water Gardening: Having Your Own Oasis

Gardening, like many other things in life, is subject to the latest styles and trends. One interest in the gardening arena that has endured for centuries is that of water gardening.


The Japanese believed that the garden was sacred and should reflect all the elements of nature in their truest forms; hence the incorporation of water into the gardening landscape.

Incorporating Water Into the Garden Plan

Water can be incorporated into the gardening plan in many different forms such as ponds, fountains, or waterfalls. Enhancements such as rockwork, lighting, plants, and fish further incorporate natural elements to augment the scene.

Planning the Water Garden

The most vital consideration in water gardening is the location. For optimal growth, both fish and plants need plenty of sunlight; so an area with direct sunlight away from large trees and shrubs is best. This type of location will also serve to minimize the amount of plant debris that must be removed as part of garden maintenance.

When you begin the planning of your garden, first think about the size of garden that you want. Don’t forget to consider a micro garden if your space or budget is limited. The use of micro gardens will also allow you to consider the creative use of various fish safe containers for your garden.

Types of Aquatic Plants

When you consider the types of aquatic plants that you want in your garden, remember that your plants should only cover about half of the surface of the pond. There are many different types of aquatic plants, some are free floating, others are submerged, and some are in between. Some plants are purely aesthetic, while others help to oxygenate your pond. Fish offer both the benefits of entertainment and to help keep the pond clean and in balance.


Algae Control

Algae is one of the main problems in keeping a garden pond clean. Abundant algae is caused by the overfeeding of plants or fish. Making a pond correctly and maintaining it properly will result in minimal growth of algae.

Just as with any other type of garden, water gardens need year round maintenance. Water gardens do not take any more time than a regular garden to maintain, they are just different in their needs. You may believe that you do not have a green thumb and could not grow a plant if you tried; but water gardens really are an excellent way of getting started in the gardening process.