Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Organic Gardening

When a friend or family member has been gardening for years, it may seem that all garden gift ideas have been exhausted.

However, there are some stocking stuffer ideas that organic gardeners always welcome.


Unusual Heirloom Seeds

Organic gardeners get so excited about discovering unique heirloom seeds, as evidenced by entire garden forums dedicated to the topic. Heirloom seeds are an affordable stocking stuffer that round out the gift-giving season, with hundreds of choices for vegetable, flower, and herb gardeners.

Organic seeds are de rigueur for organic gardeners, and many online retailers offer a full line of open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds. Seeds of Change, Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Territorial Seed Company, and Johnny’s Seeds are a few of the companies dedicated to providing organic seeds to their customers.


Garden Pruning Tools

It’s unlikely that even the most novice gardener is without a pair of pruning shears in his garden tool bucket. However, a surreptitious inspection of the gardener’s cutting tools can reveal a dirty secret: poor quality shears, dull cutting blades, or shears caked with years of rust and sap. A new pair of pruning shears peeking out of the stocking is always a welcome choice.

Felco hand pruners are the standard cutting tool for professionals, and their precise cuts reduce hand fatigue, making the removal of dead and diseased branches easier. Older gardeners or those with joint pain will appreciate pruners with a ratchet mechanism, such as those manufactured by Florian. The mechanism on these pruners advances the blades without releasing the pressure, even when the gardener releases his grip.

Garden Markers

Garden labels are frugal gifts that every organic gardener needs. Stoneware plant markers are ideal for decorative herb gardens or long-lived perennial plants that deserve an elegant labeling system. Copper plant tags can be engraved, eliminating the concern that identifying information will wash away with the rain.

Soil Block Maker

When gardeners start seeds to save money in their gardens, buying cell pack inserts each year can reduce the savings gardeners realize. A soil block maker eliminates the need for plastic cell packs by turning soil into a compressed cube bound together via pressure and moisture. Seedlings started in soil blocks never become root bound, and the superior air circulation reduces root rot and diseases. A basic soil blocking unit costs around $25.

Garden Gloves

For serious gardeners, a good pair of garden gloves goes beyond the standard jersey pair sold at the local hardware store. Gardeners may need multiple pairs of gloves suited for tasks involving different levels of dexterity and exertion.

A thin pair of gloves, like Foxgloves, protects hands from soil but allow sensitivity for delicate tasks. Rose gloves have thick, elbow length cuffs that protect forearms from thorns. Gripper gloves have latex covered palms for holding onto slippery garden tools. Rubber gloves that extend past the elbows provide protection for clearing poison ivy or working in garden ponds.