Shady and Native Blue Flowers: Blue Flowers for Shady Sites Plant These Blue Flowered Shade Loving Perennials and Blue Flowered Natives With Blue Flowers in your All Blue Flower Garden


Perennial Blue Flowers for Shady Sites

Very often we find that the best perennial flowers for shady sites are native plants. For those gardeners who like blue flowers, luckily there are many plants that offer blue blooms and tolerate or prefer a shady site.

For an evenly moist and somewhat cool and shady area, try spring bloomers Brunnera macrophylla (Siberian Bugloss) and Polemonium (Jacob’s Ladder) along with the spring woodland ephemeral Mertensia virginica (Virginia Bluebells) which is exquisite, though fleeting.

Phlox stolonifera is another perennial for woodsy spots, “Blue Ridge” is pale blue. Iris cristata is another delightful blue flowered (and native) perennial for a semi shady or shady site.

The delicate blue blooms of Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis sylvatica) represent yet another perennial woodland flower that does well in the garden in partly shaded to shady sites.

More Perennial Blue Flowered Native Plants for Sun and Shade

Sisyrinchium angustifolium (Blue Eyed Grass)

There are so many North American native plants with lovely blue flowers. In addition to those named here and there in previous articles in this Blue Theme Garden series and on this page above, you must consider Sisyrinchium angustifolium (Blue Eyed Grass.) This is a subtle native plant deserving to be grown in every flower garden; its grassy foliage is punctuated with exquisite little starry blue flowers. Grows in sun to part shade.

Eupatorium coelestinum (Conoclineum coelestinum) or Blue Mistflower

Eupatorium coelestinum (now sometimes listed as Conoclineum coelestinum) or blue mistflower is another native plant with blue flowers. It produces lovely hazy blue flowers in summer and into the fall, and looks somewhat similar to the annual blue Ageratum although it is knee high or so. It does well in evenly moist soil and where happy can spread aggressively. Best in sun or part shade.

Amsonia or Bluestar

Amsonia or bluestar has lovely pale blue flowers in the spring, turns golden in the autumn and is undemanding in the garden. “Blue Ice” has darker blue flowers. Best in sun or part shade.