Marigolds Great for an Inexpensive Garden: How to Plant a Beautiful Garden on a Budget

Marigolds are a hardy flower that will continue to bloom all summer long. With proper sunlight and water, these colorful flowers will fill out any garden and add beauty to any yard. There are two basic types of Marigolds: African Marigolds and French Marigolds. Between the two, there are a variety of colors including orange, yellow, crimson and burgundy.

Starting a Great Garden on a Budget

Marigolds are a great option for planting a garden on a budget. Purchasing Marigolds from a local nursery will allow you to choose the colors that you wish to plant in your garden. You will be purchasing actual plants, usually already in bloom. When planting them, loosen the dirt around the roots and plant the entire root ball in the ground. With proper care, these plants will grow, fill out and bloom all summer long.

How to Keep Marigolds Blooming All Summer Long

Marigolds will continue to flower all summer long and even into the fall if the weather remains nice. In order to allow the plants to fill out and continue to flower beautifully all summer, you must do what is termed “dead-heading”. This is a process where you routinely clip the dead flowers off of the plants. This allows the plant to put more energy into producing new buds and continuing to grow the healthy flowers.

How to Make Marigolds Last Year after Year

Although Marigolds are an annual flower that you plant in the spring and it dies in the fall, it takes a little effort and no money to continue the same batch of Marigolds year after year. Through the summer when you dead-head the Marigolds, save these dead flowers in a watertight container. These dead flowers contain the seeds for next year’s flower garden.

After the growing season is over for the year, save your Marigold seeds collected through the summer in a watertight container until spring comes. Once the threat of frost has passed, it is time to start your Marigold flower garden. Plant the seeds you stored through the winter about an inch or so in the ground. Keep the ground moist and you will soon see seedlings sprout and you are on your way once more to a colorful flower garden.

Planting Marigolds is a great way to have a colorful flower garden for very little money. With a small financial investment the first year and some effort through the summer to save the seeds, you will have a perpetual Marigold flower garden year after year.