Creating a Flower Garden with Color and Texture: Using Flower Texture and Color to Create a Unique Garden

When designing a flower garden to add color to your yard, think creatively and design a unique flower bed.

Use color, size and texture to create a unique aspect to your yard. Be sure to pay careful attention as well to the amount of sun each plant needs, so that you will be successful in your gardening endeavors.

How to Use Color to Create a Unique Flower Garden

Walking through the flower section of a nursery can be overwhelming to a beginner, so start by thinking about the colors you want to focus on. When creating a flower bed, it is important to use a variety of colors. Think carefully about the colors you choose though, so that the overall look is unified. Some ideas include:

  • Pick all pastels or all bold colors
  • Pick two different shades of one color to provide a splash of color
  • Pick two very different colors to create a unique look and pattern in your garden
  • Pick one type of flower in several color varieties

How to Use Flower Texture in a Garden

While many flower enthusiasts will point to various types of flowers as favorites, you can create a unique look by looking at the texture alone. Once you have decided on the colors you want to include, you need to decide whether to create a soft garden with all gentle, smooth textures like roses, or mix the textures up to create interest.

If you are creating a design with colors, use flower texture to emphasize the design. For example, use outlining flowers that have a more harsh or straight line texture. Flowers that create a soft border should be rounded and planted close together. Part of the texture of a flower garden is created by the flower density as well, so decide whether you want a thick or densely planted garden, or whether you prefer a more spaced out look.

Using Flower Size to Add Interest to a Flower Garden

When designing your flower garden, you need to be sure that you do not inadvertently plant small flowers behind larger flowers where no one will be able to see them. You can create several different looks with the size of flowers that you choose. For designs and flower gardens focused on color, it is best to choose flowers that are all the same or similar size. For a border, you can plant taller flowers in the back with increasingly smaller flowers as you move out.

When designing your flower garden, it is important to think about the look you wish to create. Creative use of color, texture and size can add a more unified look to the garden. When trying to decide on flowers, it is important to also check on the sunlight requirements so that all the flowers you plant will be able to thrive in the space you have planned.