Camelot Themed Garden Plants: King Arthor, Avalon and Medieval Named Plants

Buddleia davidii ‘Guinevere’ and ‘Black Knight’ 

Zones 5-9. Both these butterfly bush varieties have dark purple flower panules that bloom all summer and into the fall months if deadheaded frequently.

Cercis chinensis ‘Avondale’ 

Zones 4-10. The chinese redbud is a cold hardy, spring blooming ornamental tree and the ‘Avondale’ redbud is particularly compact growing about 10-15′ tall making it perfect for small garden spaces.

Coleus ‘Merlin’s Magic’ 

Unique foliage that is deeply lobed gives ‘Merlin’s Magic’ an interesting look and the bright green and yellow leaves with thin maroon edges add color to containers or mixed borders.

Crabapple ‘Lancelot’ (Malus ‘Lancelot’) 

A compact crabapple tree with a rounded silhouette, ‘Lancelot’ has white flowers and bright yellow fruits that adorn the autumn garden from October through December.

Deutzia ‘Magician’ (Deutzia x hybrida ‘Magicien’) 

An attractive shrub useful for hedges or fall color, the ‘Magician’ has pink spring flowers with white edges on them and should be pruned immediately after flowering for best summer growth. Deutzia ‘Magician’ also has burgundy fall color.

Euphorbia ‘Excalibur’ 

Zones 6-8. Attractive foliage and bright yellow flowers give ‘Excalibur’ spurge a place in many gardens. The spring leaves of ‘Excalibur’ have red edges and summer leaves have pale yellow mid-line veins.

Foxglove ‘Camelot Series’ (Digitalis sp.) 

Zones 5-9. The ‘Camelot Series’ Foxglove is a reblooming and very long-lived foxglove that will grow for years in a suitable garden area. Find out more about growing foxglove plants.

Hosta ‘Camelot’ 

Hostas are easy-to-grow, shade perennials with attractive foliage and ‘Camelot’ has medium green, glossy, heart shaped leaves.

Holly ‘Castle Wall’ and ‘Castle Spire’ (Ilex meserveae)

‘Castle Wall’ is the male holly polinator for the female ‘Castle Spire’ which produces beautiful, bright red berries in the winter. Both ‘Castle Wall’ and ‘Castle Spire’ holly shrubs grow in an upright, vertical growth habit that adds an exciting accent to the mixed border and both provide scarlet or burgundy fall foliage.

Narcissus ‘Merlin’ and ‘Avalon’ 

A favorite spring blooming bulb, daffodils are cheerful additions to any garden and ‘Merlin’ with it’s fragrant, tri-color blooms and ‘Avalon’ with changeable yellow and white daffodil flowers are no exceptions.

Lilac (Syringa josiflexa) ‘Royalty’ 

This lilac is known as the Guinevere Lilac and has beautiful purple flowers that boast the traditional lilac fragrance each spring and early summer. The lilac is the queen of spring-blooming deciduous shrubs and ‘Royalty’ is a disease resistant and hardy lilac that will earn a place in a flowering bed or border.